Smart and Mischievous Dogs for their Own Good

What’s up, neighbors?


These two have been the neighbors watch ever since they learned how to pop their heads outside the fence, they just can’t help but look every time they are outside having their leisure time.

The way it looks here this is what relaxes them, the neighbor can’t help but smile at the two cuties thinking these two are just looking for new friends.

Good thing, their firm mom made a good enough space for them to peek in.

Is it my birthday? Is that my cake? Is this for real?

Having a birthday surprise for someone is just a sight to see with the celebrant getting so shocked and happy.

This dog seems to act the same way he got the surprise of his life when he sees a cake shaped like a bone, especially for him.

The only thing miss a tear or two, but no worries, he’s got a blue hat as well to complete the surprise.

Yes this is my spot

This dog has his share of naughtiness that his mom decided to give him a bit of correction, he doesn’t look happy here, but rather finding ways to escape the punishment and the mess that he made.

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There are papers strewn on the floor that must be the evidence and he just can’t hide the evidence poor dog.

Nap away!

Can’t imagine what this little pooch has been doing the whole day, he’s been sleeping like a baby and nothing can wake him up from this slumber.

Must have been busy doing chores for his mom, running around the yard, running after the neighbor’s cat.. So many things for this dog Oh yet so little time… READ MORE TO CONTINUE THE STORY