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Smart and Mischievous Dogs for their Own Good

Dogs are very lovable, they just have the cutest eyes that look at you so innocently, but are they that innocent ? Here’s a list of dogs that are just too cute for their own good mischievous.


Time to party

These dogs must have thought they have the house to themselves the moment their mom closed the door and leave for work, they made the whole house their party place, and have climbed at all the furniture, taking turns, jumping on the pillow and having fun.

Well they will have the surprise of their life when their mom finds out what they did, thanks to technology. There’s no escaping the home camera for these two.

To be or not to be

This dog was just playing with his toy, perhaps when he suddenly got curious with the buzzing sound going past him and around him, he thought he could even go after that pesky flyer, not knowing it will return to give him that sting you would laugh at how he looks after.

He can still look cute at the picture with his swollen snout, he’s doing alright.
It just gave him a quirky snout, he learned his lesson though.

No Spanky, mama

Dogs can almost get away with anything when they look at you with that innocent eye, but when they misbehave you can’t just look the other way.

This naughty dog oh and his doggy friends were on amok through the garden when it rained the night before not minding their clean fur, his mom just can’t believe the dirt all over the house and can’t believe that it is the same dog either.

You are a meow best friend

Some dogs just don’t know their history with cats, that they even make them their friend.

This lovable dog Oh seems to be so relaxed while keeping the cat his prisoner, he just loves this cat and likes the cat’s color, he looks so pleased with himself but the kitten doesn’t seem to be too happy at all.

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