Smart and Mischievous Dogs for their Own Good

Dogs are very lovable, they just have the cutest eyes that look at you so innocently, but are they that innocent ? Here’s a list of dogs that are just too cute for their own good mischievous.


Time to party

These dogs must have thought they have the house to themselves the moment their mom closed the door and leave for work, they made the whole house their party place, and have climbed at all the furniture, taking turns, jumping on the pillow and having fun.

Well they will have the surprise of their life when their mom finds out what they did, thanks to technology. There’s no escaping the home camera for these two.

To be or not to be

This dog was just playing with his toy, perhaps when he suddenly got curious with the buzzing sound going past him and around him, he thought he could even go after that pesky flyer, not knowing it will return to give him that sting you would laugh at how he looks after.

He can still look cute at the picture with his swollen snout, he’s doing alright.
It just gave him a quirky snout, he learned his lesson though.

No Spanky, mama

Dogs can almost get away with anything when they look at you with that innocent eye, but when they misbehave you can’t just look the other way.

This naughty dog oh and his doggy friends were on amok through the garden when it rained the night before not minding their clean fur, his mom just can’t believe the dirt all over the house and can’t believe that it is the same dog either.

You are a meow best friend

Some dogs just don’t know their history with cats, that they even make them their friend.

This lovable dog Oh seems to be so relaxed while keeping the cat his prisoner, he just loves this cat and likes the cat’s color, he looks so pleased with himself but the kitten doesn’t seem to be too happy at all.

What’s up, neighbors?

These two have been the neighbors watch ever since they learned how to pop their heads outside the fence, they just can’t help but look every time they are outside having their leisure time.

The way it looks here this is what relaxes them, the neighbor can’t help but smile at the two cuties thinking these two are just looking for new friends.

Good thing, their firm mom made a good enough space for them to peek in.


Is it my birthday? Is that my cake? Is this for real?

Having a birthday surprise for someone is just a sight to see with the celebrant getting so shocked and happy.

This dog seems to act the same way he got the surprise of his life when he sees a cake shaped like a bone, especially for him.

The only thing miss a tear or two, but no worries, he’s got a blue hat as well to complete the surprise.

Yes this is my spot

This dog has his share of naughtiness that his mom decided to give him a bit of correction, he doesn’t look happy here, but rather finding ways to escape the punishment and the mess that he made.

There are papers strewn on the floor that must be the evidence and he just can’t hide the evidence poor dog.

Nap away!

Can’t imagine what this little pooch has been doing the whole day, he’s been sleeping like a baby and nothing can wake him up from this slumber.

Must have been busy doing chores for his mom, running around the yard, running after the neighbor’s cat.. So many things for this dog Oh yet so little time.

Why mama?

This dog looking straight at his fur mama, must question why his brother got punished.

He must be saying he’s innocent but if his brother can be forgiven to the little tyke must have been caught doing naughty things, that’s why he was being punished.

If he can only say sorry he will.

Take a break. Study later.

This doll must have been up all night studying for the exam, he seems too exhausted that he finally took a nap during break time.

His seat mate doesn’t mind though he doesn’t want to wake him up and he’s just letting him take the much-needed sleep.


Err. Can I sit here?

Too busy to check on your dog, you must be finishing up on all the chores getting the house tidy and cleaned before the kids arrived from school. But another needs your attention.

This pup is trying to get his mom’s attention that he sits comfortably in the dishwasher door, he’s just waiting patiently looking at his mom with those angelic eyes, his mom suddenly remembered she’s not that busy after all, her children will probably wonder where those furs on their plates came from.

The new getaway spot.

This dog owner and her baby finally tried to have a relaxing time on the roof, not minding the time just being together.

The owner was looking for her dog everywhere, only to find out he was on the roof, she was wondering how did he get there. Oh well, what’s important is he’s safe and she’s there to comfort him, she probably remembered to keep that window shut next time.

Don’t care where I am

Offices are for working you cannot just lay down and sleep whenever you feel like it.

This pup is doing just the opposite and couldn’t care less nothing can wake him up from his slumber, not even the giggles coming from his coworkers.

But no worries, his co-workers decided to just let him be as he needs to sleep for another busy night of partying.

It wasn’t me

Dogs have a way with their eyes that can melt their owners anger. This seems to be the case here.

The owner got the shock of her life when she found her whole bag of makeup lipstick and all floating in the toilet bowl, her dog was making it look like it wasn’t his fault that the bag just walked in there and put all its contents inside the toilet bowl, he even has the gall to act not guilty.

Oh heck! The owner must have been thinking of buying a new set of makeup anyway.


Don’t you just hate it when you keep calling for your dog, so the two of you can watch the TV and you just can’t seem to find him anywhere!

That must be what happened here, the dog looks so panicky realizing he was stuck between the two cushions though it is soft and is still going to be affixed to remove himself, he panicked as well because he smells something popcorn.




This pool seemed so inviting and it must invite the dog to take a swim.

This dog Oh looks as if he belongs in the swimming pool not caring who it belongs to he just took a peek at the neighbor’s backyard went inside the gate and took a dip, he doesn’t look as if he’s going anywhere anytime soon, he’ll probably be back the next day and the next and the next.

Tt’s so comfortable here.

These two must be best friends, this dog is letting his kitty friend sit on top of his cone. The kitty decided it is better to sit there than anywhere else.

Now the dog must have been angry at first they are not friends at all, he just can’t do something about it for now.

Is anybody there?

k9 are smart creatures, they can learn just by watching other people or they’re humans doing their daily activities.

This dog has been waiting outside the door but no one’s coming, he’s been peeking at the door to see if there’s anyone home.

He even used the doorbell to get the owners attention, boy he is indeed smart I just want my bed he just doesn’t care about these things.

I just want my bed

This pupper suddenly throws his toys on the floor, he looks pissed with all this stuff is inside his bed. His owner brought him a new bed stuffed toy, chew toys, just to make him happy. Look how grateful he is wait till his owner finds out.

I just love myself

Some dogs when they look in the mirror, they bark excessively. This is their first reaction thinking another dog is threatening them, they even get angry at the reflection, not realizing it was their reflection.

But this dog is the opposite, he seems to love what he sees. What a cute dog! What a perfect coat he has such a handsome dog, he wanted a kiss because he’s falling in love for the first time and it’s with himself.