SCIENCE STUDY: ‘Cat Lady, This is the BEST WAY to PET Your CAT’

They are adorable, they have that cute little face and the soft fur.. I mean really, who doesn’t love a kittens tiny little nose.. right! Oh, it makes you want to scoop up your cat, cuddle him and squeeze him and just hug him to death.


Well, while this behavior it makes you happy, it can be overwhelming for your cat. If you understand what your cat wants and expects and abide by that, your cat will enjoy the time you spend together.

If your cat is going to develop a social skill and enjoy regular human interaction, you need to start early. If you want your kitten to be cuddly when it gets older, you’ll need daily human interaction and cuddling between the ages of two and seven weeks old.

That’ll help your kitten and get accustomed to being held, you’ll want to spend time with you when he gets older, now that you know a bit more about your cat and your cat’s ancestors. Let’s learn the proper way to pet your cat.

If you want to pet your cat for an extended period of time, you’ll have to allow him to initiate it when you snuggle, that’ll take some self-control because your cat is so cute.

You’d want to pet him on your schedule, I understand that, and the best place to pet a cat is at the base of the ears under his chin and around his cheeks.

Your cat will be prefer being petted in these areas rather than his belly back, and the base of his tail. These are spots that dogs prefer to be pet… READ MORE AT THE NEXT PAGE