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SCIENCE STUDY: ‘Cat Lady, This is the BEST WAY to PET Your CAT’

You ever been sitting with your cat and petting him nicely only to have him bite or swat at you? If you have, it’s not because your cat doesn’t like you, it just means that somehow you weren’t petting him correctly.


If you want to stop your cat from swatting at you, the first thing you need to do is understand a bit more about your cat’s ancestors.

Before cats were humans loved companions, they were simply used for pest control. It was about 4000 years ago, shortly after dogs became domesticated that people started to realize what great companions cats could be.

Your cat’s ancestors are the African wild cats, although cats have evolved over time their brains are still wired like a wild cat, it’s something evolution and breeding just couldn’t get rid of.

Wild cats live solitary lives. You ever notice your cat likes to spend more time alone than with you? Well, it’s because your cat gets this from his ancestors.

However African wild cats, they don’t communicate with one another directly, they’re not like pack animals such as dogs, they’ll often use visual and chemical messages to communicate with each other.

Your cat likely is not inherited these complex skills, but he did inherit the desire to spend time alone.

Humans are social creatures, we desire interaction and affection, from the moment were born, we want to be held and crave human contact and that’s why we want to be so affectionate to our cats.

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