Rescuers Find A Dog With Bumps All Over Her Ears and Eyes, Medical Team Saved Her Life

Initially the event was going to remove the ticks one by one, when they realized that this would cause Belle to lose too much blood, they had to change their treatment plan.


Instead they put her on an anti-parasitic drug, this medication would cause the ticks to become paralyzed, and then they would fall off of Belle on their own, and the drug worked the ticks fell off, but Belle wasn’t out of the woods yet, she was still severely anemic and she was severely underweight.

It appeared that somebody had just abandoned Belle, and she was living on her own for a long time, and she had a long road of recovery still ahead.

When Belle was doing better, it was time to find her a forever home, and they wanted to be sure that she went to somebody who would take good care of her, so that something like this would never happen again, and it wasn’t long before Belle did find an owner.

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A young woman came to the shelter in search of a dog, and she immediately fell in love with Belle. When the rescuers let Belle out of her cage to meet the young woman, Belle fell in love with a woman right away.

The rescuers knew immediately they were a perfect fit, when the young woman walked out of the shelter with Belle, the rescue workers knew that she would be loved and cared for the way she deserved… READ MORE AT THE NEXT PAGE