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Rescuers Find A Dog With Bumps All Over Her Ears and Eyes, Medical Team Saved Her Life

Unfortunately animal cruelty and neglect are serious problems in this world. There are some people who don’t understand that, when you welcome a pet into your home, you need to treat it as part of your family.


Well sadly, there are people who just don’t understand that. Pet neglect is one of the most common reasons that pets end up at a veterinarian’s office with serious health conditions.

Sadly animal cruelty and neglect it happens everywhere, and it tends to occur quite often in underdeveloped countries, where they don’t have the necessary resources to help these animals.

There is an organization called Claw, which stands for Community Led Animal Welfare. This group tries to help animals all over the world who have been abused or neglected, and a group of rescuers from Claw were in South Africa, and it was there they found a dog who was covered in bumps.

They’ve never seen anything like this before, and they didn’t know what it could possibly be. The bumps covered the dog’s ears and eyes, the rescuers guessed that it was some type of disease or infection.

The rescuers got the dog back to their facility for a thorough examination. The bumps had nothing to do with disease or an infection, they were ticks, there were so many ticks feeding on this poor dog, she became anemic, and was in desperate need of medical treatment.

The rescuers named the dog Belle.

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