‘OH! SHE’s BACK!’ The Story Of The Scared Street Cat and Two Guys

When cats live out in the wild, they behave a lot differently than cats living in homes. Feral cats look out for themselves, and their young, and they have no desire to come into contact with humans at all. And, that’s due to the lack of human contact early on, while the kittens develop their social skills.


For months, two brothers were feeding a feral cat in the area, and when they first started feeding the cat, she was really mean to them, she wanted nothing to do with these brothers, but after months and months of feeding her, the cat finally began to warm up to these guys a bit, and even brought her babies to meet them.

These two men couldn’t believe that this cat they’d been feeding, had a family of kittens. They were even more surprised when she was allowing them to meet her babies. They knew it wasn’t safe for the mother and her kittens to remain outdoors, it was getting cold outside, and they worried the family of cats wasn’t getting the food and nutrition that they needed.

So it was then that the two men decided to try and get the whole family into their home. When the men tried to collect all the kittens, the mother cat hisses them, she even attempted to attack them a couple times.

She was just trying to protect her babies like any good mom would, the men were glad the mother cat accepted food from them for a while, because it was the only reason that she allowed them to get close to her and her family… READ MORE TO CONTINUE THE STORY