BIG MISTAKE: It’s Not a CAT, It’s Something You Should Not Own

Well when Jill got the kitten into the car, it did not seem all that happy, it was crawling all over the backseat and all over Jill’s shoulders.


Just then she had another thought that didn’t make her very happy, she had other animals at her house, she wasn’t sure how they would accept this new face or if they would at all, and so she decided to keep the kitten in the garage where she had plenty of essential supplies.

After getting the kitten all set up with everything she needed. Jill took a picture of her, she was gonna post the photo on social media hoping to find someone who wanted to adopt her.

When Jill returned home from dinner a few hours later, her neighbor came out of the house. The neighbor told Jill that the animal wasn’t a kitten.

The two women went into the garage and the neighbor told Jill that the sweet kitten was not a kitten, it was something more ferocious, it was actually a baby Bobcat.

Jill couldn’t believe she missed that. The kitten did have oddly shaped ears and a tiny puff on her tail, but by this point, Jill didn’t know what she had to do, she watched the kitten for a few minutes and the kitten began showing her true nature.

Jill watched as the kitten walked around growling and hissing.
Next, she went online to change her post, adding the minor detail that the kitten wasn’t really the kitten.

Well that night, Jill didn’t want to leave this defenseless little animal on her own, so she decided to sleep in the garage with the baby Bobcat and checked on her during the night to make sure she was safe… READ MORE AT THE NEXT PAGE