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BIG MISTAKE: It’s Not a CAT, It’s Something You Should Not Own

If you’re an animal lover, you know how difficult it could be to look the other way when you see an animal in need. It’s especially hard if the animal is a small fluffy kitten with eyes the size of saucers.


When you see a tiny helpless kitten, it’s almost impossible not to help, well that’s something Jill Hicks understands all too well.

Jill hicks is a true animal lover, she has a rescue dog and a rescue cat and spends a lot of her time taking care of him, because she loves animals so much she is always willing to help an animal in need.

When she saw an animal who appeared to need help one night, she didn’t hesitate.

She was going to dinner and she saw something unusual, she was driving on a busy highway to meet a friend just like she had done many times before.

This time was different though, because Jill saw a small animal running down the road, it was getting dangerously close to the passing cars – it worried Jill enough that she slammed on her brakes got out of her car and went to the middle of the road.

She thought it was a fluffy bunny and decided to save its life. The passing cars saw Jill and many of them stopped.
Finally she had this tiny fluff ball in her arms.

When Jill got to the side of the road with the animal safely in her arms, she realized that was not a bunny, it was actually a kitten.

She was so relieved that she had saved the kitten, she wanted to take it home right away.

Jill called her friend and told her that she’d be late for dinner, she decided that the tiny kitten needed her more than her friend did.

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