FREDERICK The GREAT: Amazing Horse Looks Like a Typical Horse Until He Turns His Head

Horses are majestic animals, they have strong powerful bodies, they have shiny coats and flowing Mane’s. When a horse runs, it is a graceful creature. When a horse is running by, it is almost impossible not to watch. There is one type of horse that’s like no other though, he looks like a normal horse but wait until he turns his head around.


Frederick the Great is a truly amazing horse, he is a frisian stallion, and many people call this breed the most handsome horse in the world.

Frederick the Great lives at Pinnacle Friesians, which is located in the Ozarks. He’s not the only one who lives there, he shares his home with a team of other purebred stallions.

This amazing horse comes from Friesland in the Netherlands, he has a variety of qualities that your typical breed of horse doesn’t have, he’s much larger than a typical horse, he has a very shiny black coat.

It’s their Mane’s and Tails though that make the Friesian stallion stand out above the rest. His mane is much longer than a typical horse, and it’s wavy, he tails are similar. Friesians Mane is something that most women would be jealous of.

When you look at one of these horses you expect a knight in shining armor to be sitting on his back, that’s because his regal look makes him look like he just stepped out of a fairy tale.

The horse’s history is also amazing. It’s believed that during the Middle Ages, the Friesians ancestors were in great demand as war horses.

The reason that they were so high in demand was wealth their size, just looked soldiers of the Middle Ages needed to be sure that their horses were strong enough to carry a knight as well as his suit of armor.


Later the horse was used for agricultural purposes, because they were capable of pulling very heavy loads. Well now that we have the technology that we do and loads are often carried by gas-powered machinery, the Frisian is now used mostly in shows and for recreational purposes.

Sadly, this breed of horse has almost become extinct, not once, not twice, but three times.

A horse breeder named Stacey couldn’t bear to see that happen, so she made a decision. She decided that she would make it her life’s work to keep this majestic breed of horse alive, and Frederick is proof of her hard work.

While she does have a few other Friesians living on her farm, Frederick the Great is the stud, he’s the horse that’s going to keep the breed going, not only is she making sure that this breed doesn’t die out, she also wants to be sure that the world can see how amazing these horses are.


She also wants people to know how important it is, that we keep the Friesland from going extinct.

To bring attention to frederick the great, she posted pictures of him on Facebook. A photo of this amazing horse was shared 544 times on Facebook, it received over a thousand likes a close-up photo of him, shows off his long wavy mane, and that was shared 486 times. It received 979 likes and 116 comments.

Stacey understands that posting photos of Frederick the Great, it’s not going to be enough to keep the breed alive, but if she can raise awareness that can help.

Stacey doesn’t sell any of her horses right now, as she’s trying to breed them to prevent them from becoming extinct.


If she were to sell one of these horses, she would have to ask between 25,000 and 30,000, because of its strong and majestic appearance.

Many people consider stacey to be a hero, because she is spending her days making sure that these horses will still be around for our children and our grandchildren to admire.