Versus are beautiful and majestic creatures, most of them are also very friendly, they love attention, they love to be ridden, and they love and appreciate their owners.


Most people treat horses the way they deserve to be treated, sadly though there are some who do not treat their horses kindly.

There are some people who actually put their horses in harm’s way. In certain parts of the world, it’s common practice to join a horses front legs or hind legs with a chain, that’ll keep them from running away, that’s not good for a horse.

Horses need a chance to run, to spread their legs, to be free. One place where this is relatively common is Romania, and that’s wrong. And a man rescued a chained wild horse, but no much later, he received the most incredible thank-you for saving that versus life.

One day, a veterinarian who works for an organization called Four Paws, saw horses in a field, and their feet were all chained together. One of the horses had chains on its feet, that were so tight. The chains were digging through the horses flesh.


The vet knew how serious that was. If the chains weren’t removed soon, permanent damage could be done. When a horse has permanent foot or leg damage, their life won’t be a long one.

The vet knew that it was up to him to save this horse, even if it meant that the horse was going to run off. The horse was lying down because it was in so much pain.

The vet knew that the horse would get spooked if he saw him walk over with tools to cut the chains. So he had his assistant cover the horse’s eyes with a cloth.


He slowly walked over to the horse to inspect the wounds, they looked worse than the vet had initially thought.

The vet slowly cut the chains to relieve the pressure of the horse’s legs, he uncovered the horse’s eyes and helped him to stand up.

The vet was worried at first that the horse wouldn’t be able to stand, but after a minute or two, the horse was up and walking.

The vet was worried the other horses in the field would suffer the same fate, he worried that if he wasn’t around, these horses could be seriously injured as well. He knew these horses could also run off, so he cut their chains as well.

When the vet freed the horses, they were incredibly thankful, and they made sure that knew, each horse went over to him and nuzzled his face to show there apreciation.

The injuries that the horses suffered are proof that she need their legs together, is not only cruel, it’s also dangerous to them.

People all over the world should understand this, and chaining your horse’s legs, that should be illegal.

The owners might think they’re putting the chains on loosely, but when the horse tries to run, the chains will tighten up, and it’ll cut into the horses flesh.

Hopefully the video of the vet saving the horse from being permanently harmed will raise awareness of how dangerous this practice really is.